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What to do when you’re getting sick

What to do when you get sick

We are all familiar with the feeling of being in the process of getting sick. The “Uh Oh” thought that crosses your mind at that point.

I used to get sick often (3-4 times per year), and some of my illnesses would knock me out for more than a week! Over the years, I have developed the following protocol that I use as soon as I get that first hint of an infection.

When you are on the brink of a cold / flu / infection, the actions you take can either make your sickness fast and prompt, or slow and painful.

Here is my approach to help with sickness:

1) Mineral support

The moment I start feeling sick, the first thing I do is to start taking Quinton Essentials hypertonic 2x per day. This is mineral rich microfiltered deep sea water that brings in emergency support to the body as it’s fighting off disease.

2) Gargling

Mouth Washing and gargling with sea salt and water, there is even a study who shows it as a great way to prevent disease (unlike masks)

3) More heat for the body

When we get an infection, the body increases the temperature to help fight off the intruder. This also helps the body expand its Exclusion Zone water. You can help your body by getting into a Sauna (heat or IR sauna both work). This is also why I advize against fighting high temperature (unless there is a vital reason to do so)

4) More sleep

Your body just needs more rest and energy, the more you fight it, the longer your low energy state will last. Don’t resist, listen to your body.

5) Bone broths morning and night

Bone broths are easier to digest, helping your body focus on the infection rather than spend time digesting. Some fasting can also help tremendously here.

In addition, bone broths are full of amino acid, and a booster to our immune system.

6) Zinc

I prefer my zinc from meat or oysters, and use meat in the bone broths to kill two birds with one stone, but if you think you are deficient in Zinc, then it makes sense to supplement for a short period of time until you address the nutritional deficiencies

7) High vitamin C complex food

Pick seasonal fruits/vegetables that contain vitamin C. Oysters are also a great way to get Vitamin C + Zinc.

8) Cold showers

Cold showers push the mitochondria to produce internal infrared which helps the body in the case of infections. This study associated cold shower use with less sick days. The trick is to not overdo it as your body is busy working through a disease and can’t handle your extreme tendencies you freaks :)!

9) Concoctions of warm ginger and turmeric

A great way to address the excess oxidation happening during illness, and to support your immune system.

Keep in mind that getting sick is not something that should get you over worried. Your objective is to make your body as strong as possible to help it address issues like this easily.

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