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The Magic of Deep Sea water

deep sea water benefits

This is a magical story about life, water, and the perfect design of our human form.

More than a century ago, a French researcher, named Rene Quinton, was studying the mineral composition of deep sea water. 

To his astonishment, he found that water in the depth of the oceans has a similar composition (in ratios) compared to our blood, only 3x more concentrated. (Keep in mind that deep sea water also has a different composition compared to shallow sea water)

Table 1: Comparing the mineral composition of deep sea water and surface sea water

This is how he created his “Marine Plasma”, a diluted version of micro filtered Deep Sea Water, that has been used in France to save soldiers during World War I, and to save children all across the country during cholera outbreaks.

The fact that the minerals in our blood have similar ratios to deep sea water has so much beauty and poetry in it. Life appears to have started in the ocean, and for it to subsist outside of it, it had to take the ocean with it. Our body tries to maintain this magical mineral composition to support our cellular function and vitality.

Recent research is showing that consuming Deep Sea Water improves glucose uptake, fights extreme exhaustion, obesity, and can even address eczema and dermatitis. This is because it helps our body reach homeostasis more easily.

The good news is that you can get marine plasma in most countries, and use it as a supplement (the hypertonic version i.e. original concentration) or in a maintenance regimen (isotonic).

My favorite brand is the Original Quinton Essentials, which is still made by Quinton’s laboratory.

To learn more about all the magic that water holds and how it can help us feel better and prevent disease, check out my “Cellular Hydration” course

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