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Beat cold intolerance for good

Beat cold intolerance

It can be frustrating to be the one that always feels too cold, complains about it, and needs more heating to feel comfortable. This becomes acutely true as we approach winter (in the northern hemisphere).

Cold intolerance is a situation where the body is unable to adapt well to temperature drops. Females are more susceptible, but it can touch both sexes. Top causes include an under-active thyroid, a slow metabolism, circulation issues, or inadequate sleep. 

1) An under-active thyroid

The thyroid is a gland responsible, amongst many things, of heat generation.

Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid is “dormant”, and can manifest as dry skin, hair loss, brain fog, and cold intolerance!

A thyroid panel is the best way to find out if you have an under-active thyroid.

You can increase your thyroid activity Expose your thyroid to sunlight or red lightGet morning sun through bare eyes (activates hormones)Get adequate amounts of Selenium, Zinc, Iodine (e.g. oyster-based supplements)Improve your gut health and address leaky gut as it leads to autoimmunity against the thyroidAvoid fluoride, perchlorate, pesticides, and heavy metals which all dampen thyroid functionYou can also increase thyroid activity by getting more exposure to the cold, instead of the avoidance relationship you have with it! Gradual cold showers and cold immersion have worked great to retrain the thyroid gland.

2) A slow metabolism

When you restrict your calories too much, your metabolism can slow down. And metabolism generates heat!

That’s why when you fast for a long time, you can feel cold as your body switches to energy conservation mode.

The secret is to not restrict your body too much and too quickly, to avoid it switching to survival mode. Drastic diets and extreme caloric restrictions will always be a bad idea.

Fasting is great, but if you’re overdoing it, tone it down a bit.

A recipe I use to boost metabolism and heat generation: Butter with Raw Honey or Maple Syrup. This will kick off your metabolism, and you will feel a warm energy right away. 

Learn more

For more details on how to beat cold intolerance, develop a cold exposure regimen, and live a more seasonal life so that you can feel great all year long, check out my course “Embrace the Seasons”.

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