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2 safe sun exposure techniques most don’t talk about

How to get safe exposure to the sun

Summer is almost here in the northern hemisphere, where the sun shines bright and the urge to enjoy its warmth runs strong. Being prepared for the sun is critical to enjoy its benefits without side effects such as burning and premature aging.

Sunlight is a health giver, regulating our circadian clock, and fueling the production of Sulfated Vitamin D, Nitric Oxide, Opioids, Melatonin, Melanin, EZ water, neurotransmitters, histidine and more.

Embracing the sun relaxes us, reduces our blood pressure, and triggers endorphin release—a perfect formula for relaxation and recharging.

1) Eat seafood to better deal with sunlight

I assume you already know how detrimental vegetable and seed oils are to your health, especially if you’re planning on soaking up the sun.

Loaded in omega 6, a pro-inflammatory fatty acid that is prevalent in modern westernized diets, these oils make it easy to burn and generate free radicals under the sun. 

Know what? Seafood is the antidote to vegetable oils. Rich in DHA, the long form of omega 3, it acts as an anti-inflammatory, balancing  excess omega 6, and acting as an internal sun protection.

2) Expand your Exclusion Zone water to better absorb UV

Our body’s water is unique. It forms an Exclusion Zone (EZ) around our membranes, distinct from regular bulk water.

This Exclusion Zone demonstrates high absorption around the UV region. Concretely, the larger your Exclusion Zone water, the easier it will be for your body to absorb UV energy and transform it into free electrons that your body can use, instead of damage to your cells.

How do we expand the Exclusion Zone water? I cover many options in detail in my Cellular Hydration course (included in Frontiers of Vitality masterclass). An easy one is to expose your body to early morning sun, filled with red and infrared waves which help separate bulk water into EZ water.

We just covered two simple yet powerful approaches for safe sun exposure that are available in most settings where you would get long exposure to the sun.

To learn more about the strong and yet mostly ignored relationship between light and our health, check my Solar Vitality course.

To learn  how to use the magic properties of water to optimize your health & performance, prevent disease, and fight cancer, head to my Cellular Hydration course.

Both courses are part of the Frontiers of Vitality masterclass.

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