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Welcome to the frontiers of vitality

I am a scientist, educator, and health coach.

I use my experience working with clients, my rigorous education in science & the fundamentals of medicine, and my continuous research in all things health/vitality to help you express a more vibrant life.

My Approach to Health


The complexity of our Human biology can only be met by the beauty and mystery of nature.

You can’t supplement yourself into good health, but a healthy environment connected with nature, our circadian rhythms, our quantum terrain, and our ancestral health givers is required.


Conventional healthcare has failed us when it comes to chronic disease, and to actually feeling better, because it is overspecialized, fragmented, and lacks a strong preventative approach.

I believe that true Health and Vitality look into your whole body. You can’t optimize one side without looking at the whole.


I approach healthcare based on the latest evidence, not the trending dogma.

Science is important, but so are ancestral approaches and wisdom which took thousands of year to develop and extract insights.

Explore my courses

I have distilled my experience, education, and continuous research into highly practical courses to help you achieve a better, more vital and vibrant life affordably.

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